Welcome to Icebox!

Icebox is a small project to make a preconfigured Openbox setup based upon the Ubuntu base. The goal is not to become an official flavor or try and replace existing Openbox based distributions.

Known issues

  • Shutdown/Restart of live session guest does not work in VirtualBox or VMWare - LP: #1447038

  • When launching in VirtualBox, you must switch to a TTY then back to TTY7 to fix initial screen corruption. - LP: #1443853 or #1615363


Remember, defaults are just that, default. Feel free to remove or add as you’d like, and icebox-desktop is merely a metapackage thus it won’t break your install to remove the package.

  • Built from the current Ubuntu release, so large repository of available applications.

  • Openbox window manager, with little extra configuration and Nitrogen backdrop manager.

  • Tint2 panel with gsimplecal calendar applet, gmrun, and volumeicon.

  • PCManFM file manager, does not manage the desktop.

  • LXAppearance and LXAppearance-obconf to configure the look and feel.

  • obsession for easy logout/shutdown/restart/etc tasks.

  • network-manager to manage network connections.

  • LightDM login manager with a simple greeter.

  • Themed Plymouth boot screen.

  • The Xfce terminal.

  • Xombrero, a basic, webkit browser with vim keybinds.


#icebox on the Libera IRC network